X1.EVEREST SPH sports sunglasses with a graphene frame and hyper-reactive photochromic NXT lenses.
Designed and manufactured in Italy with high-quality materials that guarantee lightness, durability and flexibility for a high-performance result.

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  • Frame: Graphene Gray
  • Lens: Nylon Sportchromic Clear to Gray
  • Filter Category: 1-3
  • Removable side logo for high ventilation
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Sunglasses designed and manufactured in Itlay with Italian lens
  • Anti scratch
  • Nylon Lens
  • Impact resistant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Barcode: #8052740080660

The design of the special EVEREST series of sports glasses is based on experimentation with new production techniques and compounds.

Graphene, often called a wonder material due to its extraordinary physical and chemical properties, is one of the components of the frame, further increasing its durability, flexibility and lightness and allowing these NRC sunglasses to perform far beyond all limits.