Las Helmets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LAS Helmets, based in Bergamo, northern Italy and located at the foot of the Selvino Mountain, of Tour of Lombardy, fame have been in existence since 1974. LAS pride themselves on attention to details, research, technological development and fashion, with always the top priority being the comfort and protection of their wearers.


LAS Helmets also make helmets for the sport and pastime of Equestrian, where the safety standard requirements are higher than those required for the cycling helmet. This extra technology has been built into the LAS Cycling helmet range.

Technology – Why LAS?

1/ LDHR Technology – Lateral Deformation High Resistance. This provides a maximum resistance to lateral compression forces as well as the usual horizontal (forward to back ) compression resistance
2/ Carbon Fibre Frame – a reinforced carbon fibre frame guarantees more strength and resistance to impacts
3/ The Venturi Effect – an inner design canalisation system that gives better ventilation, also at low speed
4/ Inner Padding- Removable inner pads made in antibacterial material, with interpower treatment for quick drying
5/ Insect net – especially important for Spring and Summer Cycling
6/ Magnetic Buckle – simple to fasten with the use of one hand. The buckle offers a tight and safe hold thanks to the internal magnet. Especially good for use in cold weather and when wearing gloves.
7/ Nano 3D Adjuster offers a size adjuster system in 3 different dimensions, which allows adjustment to the circumference and also to the height of the neck restraint system
8/ Subtle Fashion – a choice of models with the latest fashion trends in mind, offering a chic and subtle choice of colours and shape.
LAS – a part of the “Made In Italy” range of top quality products

Virtus Carbon


LAS Cobalto

Smooth and compact design, studied to minimize volumes, is a light and versatile street helmet thanks to the equilibrium between aerodynamic lines and perfect ventilation.

LAS Gravia

LAS Galaxy

LAS Enigma

LAS Voyager

LAS Cronometro

LAS Fisico