At Halo Sports we believe in using the best materials, we’ve put together this page to explain the types of materials we use in our garments. If you’d like to discuss what’s best for your clothing, please get in touch.

Light Windtex

A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a Windtex membrane with 2 layers of a special polyester called firma. It protects from rain and/or medium-low temperatures.(10-18 centrigrade)
Weight 130 gr/sqm
Suitable: Cycling

Medium Windtex

A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a Windtex membrane with a layer of Vela Plus and one of pile. Hard Waffle material used on back of jersey.
It protects from wind and rain at low temperature (4-12 centigrade)
Weight 275 gr/sqm
Suitable: Spring, Autumn and Winter Cycling

Strong Windtex

A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a Windtex membrane with a layer of Vela Plus and a thick one of Pile. It protects from wind and rain in cold temperatures (-5 – 5 Centigrade)
Weight 315 gr/sqm
Suitable: Winter Cycling (November- March/April)

Extra Strong Windtex

A fabric of the highest quality which combines the technical features of the Windtex membrane (waterproof and breathable) and an extraordinary softness. This material protects you from the wind and rain in very cold temperatures (from -5 – -15 centigrade).
Weight 360 gr/sqm
Suitable: Winter cycling in mountainous regions.


A material that allows freedom of movement, comfort and close fitting, while maintaining shape and preventing creasing.
Garments in this material have a streamlined look, adhere to the body without interfering with movement, are comfortable and look attractive.
Technically Lycra belongs to the category of synthetic elastam (elastic) fibres, a segmented polyurethane ie. It is composed of a flexible sequence of segments joined to rigid segments. Lycra can be stretches 4-7 times its normal length, but immediately returns to its shape as soon as the stretching is relaxed. Though the fabric looks like a single continuous yarn, it consists of a bunch of thin fibres. Lycra is always combined with one or more natural or synthetic fibres.
Weight: 195 gr/sqm – 210 gr/sqm – 230 gr/sqm
Printable and Non Printable Options
Suitable: Year Round Cycling, Triathlon, Spinning.


Elastic Fibre which can keep body warmth. Being printable it is ideal for winter fabrics to customize bibtights and knickers and other thermal accessories.
Weight 240 gr/sqm
Suitable: Winter cycling


This is a highly compressed fabric combined with a balanced and multidirectional elasticity. It gives you complete protection from ultraviolet rays and it is very resistant to wear and tear. This latter characteristic makes it particularly well suited for customised (printed) shorts, bibshorts and bibknickers.
Weight: 210 gr/sqm
Suitable: All Year Cycling, Running and Orienteering


A double elasticised fabric with technical-tactile characteristics. It is used in active sports. Its appearance is opaque, it has plush on its reverse, it wears extremely well and it has a superior elasticity which makes the garment superior to similar ones on the market. The sophisticated process and use of special fibres make it pleasing to the touch. It has unmatched qualities and is long lasting. A special material for special garments.
Weight: 245 gr/sqm
Not printable
Suitable: Winter Cycling

Windtex Clear Glass

A very light and rainproof new fabric, made of special smearing, which implies the use of a single protecting layer of the Windtex membrane.
Not printable
Suitable: All Year Cycling,


A stiff microfibre with a net-like type of weaving which ensures optimum breathability and facilitates the expulsion of water.
Suitable: Swimming, wet weather cycling, orienteering

Rete Volo

Light fabric, hard wearing and very breathable, suitable for very hot temperatures.
Suitable: Summer running and Orienteering



A very light material in smooth polyester fibre, developed to eliminate all types of skin irritation. Its water resistant nature means it will dry quickly once wet. Furthermore, sweat, in contact with turbulent air, will dry quickly instead of dampening the jersey, thus leaving the skin dry.
The characteristics of the Honeycombe weave/braid lends the material a lighter density in respect to other comparable materials. Optimum breathability.
Weight: 125 gr/sqm
Suitable: Summer Cycling and Orienteering


A new micro fibre developed for summer clothing. Thanks to its particularly fine weave the material assures optimum visibility. Softness and elasticity are guaranteed. Adapted to create an extra shine for designs with strong and bright colours.
Weight: 133 gr/sqm
Suitable: Spring/Summer Cycling, Orienteering and Spinning

Spitech Light


A Microfibre material of small square appearance, with an extra shine finish. Ideal for Summer wear. Very good visibility.
Weight: 128 gr/sqm
Suitable: Summer Cycling, Orienteering, Triathlon, Running


The latest option of our Jersey Material range. This is a microfibre material particularly adapted for summer clothing. Optimum visibility, good resilience and very comfortable to wear.
Weight: 133 gr/sqm
Suitable: Spring/Summer Cycling, Orienteering and Spinning.

Spitech Plus

A Microfibre material of small square appearance. Ideal for Spring/Autumn wear. Very good visibility.
Weight: 224 gr/sqm
Suitable: Autumn/Spring Cycling, Winter/Spring/Autumn Orienteering and Running.


The strong point of this extraordinary material is that it allows extreme fluidity of movement, for a clothing that is comfortable, sportive and fashionable. Yet the material has an ultrafine and light texture, which still assures an excellent warmth – Revolutional! Ultra resistant to Piling – equal to level 5. Ultra chloro resistant thanks to the use of long life lycra and a new weave of material. This material dries very quickly compared to a normal charmeuse.
Weight: 160 gr/sqm
Suitable: All Year Round Cycling, Triathlon.